Project Y

What if we didn’t have to wonder why?

Project Y supports a number of world-leading medical initiatives aimed at improving the lives of children living with rare diseases.

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1 in 12 children in Australia are living with a rare disease.

Thousands of children and families are waiting each day for answers. We’re here to help find them.

Project Y raises awareness and support to improve the lives of children living with rare diseases. Three life-changing initiatives that Project Y partners with, or delivers, are the Undiagnosed Diseases Program, Lyfe Languages and Pilbara Faces. Together, these initiatives are helping to provide much-needed answers and improve the lives of child children and families living with rare diseases.

Our Projects

The Undiagnosed Diseases Program brings together specialist doctors to help solve some of the world’s most challenging medical mysteries, offering hope and answers to thousands of families.

Lyfe Languages is a youth-driven initiative aimed at improving communication between Indigenous patients, families and medical professionals in order to provide the highest standards of care.

Pilbara Faces is a groundbreaking 3D facial analysis initiative helping to transform the diagnosis and treatment monitoring for Aboriginal children living with rare diseases.

Latest news

Lyfe Languages is launched on an international stage

Lyfe Languages was successfully launched on the global stage on Sunday 9th August 2020, as part of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. With the project now established...

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