Undiagnosed Diseases Program

Answers for children

Solving the most challenging medical mysteries for children living with a rare disease

Helping to put an end to uncertainty

The Undiagnosed Diseases Program is a WA Health Department initiative that brings together specialist doctors to help solve some of our communities most challenging medical mysteries.

By applying new approaches and advanced technologies, our team of clinical and research experts works closely with families and researches to help put an end to the terrible uncertainty that comes from not knowing what tomorrow will bring. With answers comes the opportunity for children to receive the best possible care.

This program is delivered by Genetic Services of Western Australia. It is a first of its kind in Australia, and is rapidly expanding across the world. It represents a landmark moment in our medical history, ensuring more and more families have access to the diagnoses and answers they deserve.

Project statistics

60,000Children in Western Australia living with a rare disease

500,000Children in Australia living with a rare disease

5-10Years waited for accurate diagnosis by a third of children

Information for parents

If you think you know someone who might benefit from being part of the program, read through the referral criteria then send your details through. Our team will be in touch with you to discuss further.

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Project news

The World Unites for 300 Million with Common Needs

With the recent adoption of the UN Resolution on Addressing the Challenges of People Living with Rare Diseases, the importance of the rare diseases is coming into the spotlight globally....

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