Pilbara Faces

Unlocking facial clues

Using world-leading technology to transform healthcare for Aboriginal children in the Pilbara

Facing exciting new possibilities

In partnership with Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Roy Hill Community Foundation, Pilbara Faces uses 3D facial analysis to unlock genetic clues in the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases.

With one third of rare diseases diagnosed through subtle facial clues, Pilbara Faces is helping to bring hope and support to remote Aboriginal families. The program is creating the first 3D photo library of Australian Aboriginal faces, with advanced Cliniface 3D facial analysis software helping to identify facial variations that can lead to a diagnosis,

Pilbara Faces has set the scene for combining multiple technologies, including artificial intelligence and genomics, in order to provide advanced healthcare opportunities within one of the world’s most isolated regions.

Project statistics

1/3Of rare diseases present with facial clues

700+faces imaged in the 3D library

1 in 12WA children living with a rare disease

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Our partners

  • Roy Hill Community Foundation
  • Perth Children's Hospital Foundation
  • Western Australian Register of Development Anomalies