Lyfe Languages

Creating shared understanding

Translating medical terminology into Indigenous languages for better care and connections

Making quality healthcare more accessible

The best care requires a shared understanding. The Lyfe Languages program is helping to improve communication between Indigenous patients, families and medical professionals for the benefit of all.

Lyfe Languages connects youth and culture, supporting knowledge sharing between generations and communities as a whole. While the program began with a focus on improving the diagnosis and care of children with rare diseases, it is quickly expanding to a variety of common disorders.

By helping to retain, revive and empower the use of a variety of Indigenous languages, Lyfe languages is transforming culturally appropriate healthcare and connecting ancient knowledge with new technologies. Learn more about Lyfe Languages via their website.

Project statistics

7,000Indigenous languages globally

37Current Lyfe Languages champions

2020Lyfe Languages launches internationally

Lyfe Languages Champions

The Lyfe Languages Champions program is a youth-oriented initiative that recruits active participants to support in the translation of complex medical terminology into a series of local Indigenous languages. By empowering young people to take part and become language champions, we will:

  • Bridge generations and continue the flow of ancient knowledge from elders to youth.
  • Bring families and communities together.
  • Raise awareness by educating and empowering children about health care and the importance of their language and culture.
  • Develop more culturally-appropriate healthcare resources.
  • Implement a language-ready course for Indigenous health professionals to inspire the next generation to effectively communicate complex medical terminology and concepts.
  • Promote individual development to help young people across Australia to connect with their Indigenous identity, culture and history.

Map of languages

A number of Aboriginal languages are currently being translated for the Lyfe Languages project, including Badimaya, Eastern Arrernte, Kala Lagaw Ya and Creol, Kija, Manyjilyjarra, Noongar, Nyangumarta. View the language regions:

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Project news

Lyfe Languages is launched on an international stage

Lyfe Languages was successfully launched on the global stage on Sunday 9th August 2020, as part of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. With the project now established...

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Our partners

  • World Economic Forum
  • National Centre for Indigenous Genomics (NCIG)
  • 2019 International year of Indigenous Languages
  • Western Australia Register of Development Anomalies
  • Rare Disease Ghana Initiative
  • Borlaug Foundation
  • Wilhelm Foundation
  • Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation